I’m at the aquatic plants nursery today. Planting in varying depths of water is a VERY different kettle of fish and I’m keen to hear the specialists’ advice. A natural swimming pool consists of deep water, shallow, and marginal zones. In each of these zones are carefully selected aquatic plants which help with the cleaning … read more

We’ve got the boulder and stone quantities confirmed, and I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s visit to the quarry with Scott Hadley, who is building the garden.  So now I’m just making sure that the beautiful trees we’ve tagged will actually fit in the space. I knew they did  fit when I first found them, but … read more

Pond plants

During these next couple of months, weekend days are working days. Today, I’m preparing for visits next week to quarries and aquatic plant nurseries. I need to ensure that we have exactly the right amount of stone which will be used as seating, pond edging and plinths for the oak frame of the building. So measurements … read more

Today was spent on logistics, schedules, timetables. There are reams of forms to fill in, items to be ordered, people to be contacted. We now know who’s going to be where, and when.The planting team are all ready and raring to get on site, and are all looking forward to the annual reunion. They are … read more

I thought it might be ‘fun’ to share daily how the build-up to Chelsea progresses as the first signs of Spring make their presence felt. Having spent the afternoon in the pouring rain, putting together the final spec for a rather fabulous polished concrete outdoor kitchen in East Sussex, we’re warming up over a cup … read more

The first few of probably a very few snowflakes are falling – this is the perfect moment to get dreamy about what’s going to be in the garden in just a few months’ time. Already, little Iris reticulata ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ has pushed her way out into the daylight, her murky washed-out yellow and sea-greeny blues … read more

When we move home, we are often advised to ‘live with’ the house for a year, in order to see how we actually use the space. However, with the garden, it’s a different story. Whilst it’s lovely to have the luxury of time in order to see how the outside space works and what perennials … read more

It’s been a busy week, and we continue be fascinated by the range of enquiries we receive. On  Tuesday, for example, we were looking at re-designing the majestic planters outside a London hotel. By Friday, we were considering the new commission of a half-acre rose garden in East Sussex. The brief?  To be contemporary but … read more

I run on impulse. The CanWest Horticulture Show in Vancouver Canada kindly asked me to be one of their speakers in the Landscape Designers Symposium as part of their education program. All very exciting, and as prescribed in my DNA, I immediately agreed and so Canada, here I come! Reading the brief post scriptum, has … read more

My timing is impeccable. Heatwave over, it’s pouring outside and I’m writing about the next best thing since sliced bread: the outdoor kitchen. Despite our climate, people are looking at outdoor space, not just to look nice,but to make it part of their life and lifestyle. Pour yourself a generous Pimms, think sunshine and imagine… … read more